First Ramcat Harvest Footage

This is it, Muchachos.  Tough shot, but very easy recovery.  The accuracy and penetration of the Ramcats is giving me confidence to find the vitals at new angles.  Stay tuned for more…


Ridge Buck Down

10-point Buck


Saturday at 8:30 am, Muchachos!  Video later this week…

Country Boars on the Rise

170 pounds, Muchachos!  This is the best Ridge hunt yet, filmed in 100 percent natural light, thanks to summer hours and daylight savings time.  I haven’t forgotten about a skinning and barbecue film for you either…

Southern Indiana Wild Boar

Indiana Wild Boar 

We’re on a roll this year, Muchachos.  Many mysteries were revealed while we were away, and this is the result of new learning.  Should have video in a few days…















MJ is hunting in his home state of Missouri where he arrowed a nice gobbler today.  That’s all I know, Muchachos, but I should have updates soon.